The Park of the Appia Antica include the first 16 Km of the ancient consular road (from Porta San Sebastiano to the intersection with Via Appia Nuova in Frattocchie); the Caffarella Valley; the archaeological area of the Tombs of the Via Latina; the area adjacent to the Via Tuscolana hosting the remains of seven Roman aqueducts dating back to the Republican and Imperial age, with the green area of Tor Fiscale, and the two large rural estates of Tormarancia and Farnesiana. Every sunday and on holidays the whole area of the Park, is closed to private traffic and it thus becomes Rome's biggest pedestrian zone. Don't miss the chance to spend a whole day in one of the world's most beautiful landscapes, featuring archaeological monuments and museums as well as nature trails, either on foot or with a bike The park's territory allows you to organise your visit in many different ways. Leave your car and come to the Park on foot, by bike, or by bus.
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The Park of the Appia Antica has been declared protected since 1988.
Thanks to decades of battles waged by citizens and environmentalists, this territorial system - unparalleled in the world in terms of its historical-archaeological and landscape value - was placed under a single integrated protection system.
A green wedge, the Park reaches to the city centre, and, being contiguous with the Alban Hills, it represents a biological corridor for numerous animal species; moreover, the Park has preserved parts of Roman countryside and coppices and groves.
In addition to these values, the Park contains historical and archaeological remains of great importance. The Park therefore serves the purpose of preserving a set of general values resulting from the complex and unique relationship between nature and man, between the cultural heritage and landscape.
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Visiting the Park - Services and Information
Visiting the Park - Services and Information
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